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Ingles Supermarket

An American regional chain founded by Robert Ingle in 1963. His grandfather once worked in a grocery store, so the idea runs in the family. What made the original store opened in Asheville, North Carolina, win against competition from such large supermarkets as A & P was an ingenious solution to go into smaller towns […]

Island Pacific Supermarket

The name itself may not give this away, but Island Pacific Supermarket is a Filipino chain in the Los Angeles area. But don’t let that specific fact fool you. The place is teeming with delicious foods for any group that’s interested in eating, say, the best and freshest seafood around. The different regions of the […]

Landis Supermarket

Established in 1938 in Telford, Pennsylvania, by Frank and Sadie Landis, Landis Supermarket has by now three generations and is still going strong as a family business. It has four locations all told, all near the original Telford location. Needless to say this is a family business that prides itself on bringing the best there […]

Demoulas Supermarkets

Demoulas Supermarkets run over 60 grocery stores all under the Market Basket banner in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The company is long on family history and in addition to a line of grocery products, they deal with real estate as well. The stores are usually located in shopping centers. The original store was your typical […]

Great Wall Supermarket

The name should be a dead give-away. Yes, the Great Wall of China is behind it. Great Wall Supermarket is a Chinese store owned and operated in the United States by Lihui Zhang, a CEO from Wenshou, China. The supermarket has locations in New York and New Jersey as well as in Massachusetts and Virginian […]

Dan’s Supermarket

Many people know that Betty Crocker is a fictitious character created in 1921 by General Mills. Lots of people thought and may still think that she is/was real. It’s not unusual for a food company to have its own iconic “person” to represent it. Aunt Jemima doesn’t exist either, but the company named after her […]

Dave’s Supermarket

There are actually 13 lucky branches of Dave’s Supermarket in Cleveland, Ohio – nicknamed “the best location in the nation.” Dave’s Supermarket came into being in the 1920, established by Alex Saltzman who named the first store after his son, Dave. The original store was opened at 33rd and Payne Ave, and there it is […]

Associated Supermarkets

Associated Supermarkets have provided great food for the Tri-State area, which includes New York City and environs. They have stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk, Upstate New York, and New Jersey. They have been in business for over 50 years. While the company’s in-store services have included the best produce and […]

Chavez Supermarket

Combine the idea of a family business with an American success story and add to it the tantalizing feature of it being the story of an immigrant, in this case from Mexico, and you have something to really sink your teeth into. Speaking of which, when we are talking about a supermarket, the metaphor becomes […]

Chief Supermarket

The first Chief Supermarket was the brain child of the Brothers Hench and John Nolan, Jr. Each had been in the food business prior to combining their efforts to open the first of their chain stores in Northwest and West Central Ohio. The first was (and still is) located in Defiance, Ohio. The name “Chief” […]

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