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Associated Supermarket Circular

Associated Supermarket Circular

Associated Supermarkets is a chain that’s primarily operative in New York City with some branching out into other states as well. The operations in New York include 16 stores in Manhattan, 38 stores in Brooklyn, 19 stores in the Bronx, too many to count in Queens. There are also quite a few in Upstate New York and even a handful in neighboring New Jersey.

The online circular gives you a list of weekly sales. Here, you can learn about the prices of specials. They include such items as Purdue chicken breast for $1.19 a pound or bottom round roast for $2.99 a pound. Here, you’ll also find special prices on vegetables. For example, a head of iceberg lettuce goes for just 99¢ or five pound of Idaho potatoes can be bought for only $1.99.

Associated Supermarkets is now on the Internet as well. The new Internet site is going to announce things that will pertain to two of the Manhattan supermarkets, those namely that are located at Second and Third Avenues. This new venture promises to be of significant value for shoppers who are busy and who want to have the opportunity to do their shopping online. More and more people want this kind of service. They can select the foods they need and either have them delivered to their homes or can pick them up after work.

At WeeilyAdCirculars.com you find a whole lot of bargains from Associated Supermarket. The stores listed here include many that you may be familiar with. Such as Ralphs, Randalls, or Schnucks. Or Trader Joe’s or Wegmans or the Roche Brothers. Of these the quaint name of Schnucks rings a bit bell for the writer of this article. This is the supermarket where I do most of my shopping and where I get my prescription drugs filled, too. This particular chain is headquartered in St. Lois, but it has branches in, say, Southern Indiana as well.

Associated Supermarkets, therefore, represent both a chain that’s named that and an association of a large number of other supermarkets that you can find throughout the United States and perhaps even beyond, say, in Canada or Mexico.

The big deal about the WeeklyAdCirculars.com is that here you can find a lot of great deals for yourself. There is actually a link on the page to Associated Supermarkets Circular. But that’s just one link that you’ll find here. Other links include the Grocery Weekly Circulars, the Weekly Circulars, and the Super Weekly Circular. The links to these circulars all take you to other pages on the site where you can find additional savings.

You will also find printable free coupons on all the sites mentioned above. Printable coupons are a great way for a shopper to get coupons online and then take them to the store the next time they go shopping. The participating stores will always honor these coupons, and this fact alone is going to let you save a bundle in due course.

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