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Dave’s Supermarket. Wow. Seriously. ?

A few daves supermarket products I can recommend:

Question by Healthy Environment: Dave’s Supermarket. Wow. Seriously. ?
I do most of my shopping at Giant Eagle close by. I love their store & I love their deals. Most importantly, location! gotta be close to my home because im not driving a far distance just to save a few bucs.

I don’t live near a Dave’s supermarket so I never got the chance to shop in one………bummer because I hear they got low prices & good deals.

So I was on a road trip and what do you know, a Dave’s was nearby.
My first time stepping foot inside a Dave’s…..
Apparantly, they’re not as cheap as everyone says they are. I saw items like a bag of cookies selling for $ 3 and stuff……not horrible prices but surely not that good.

On the counter, I saw there were boxes of entemins chocholate chip muffins. So I decided to buy them. I didn’t see a price tag…..I was looking for where the price was marked….couldn’t see any price labeling.
But I mean, this is Dave’s, the store that’s famous for low prices. So I’m sure this box of muffins must be reasonably priced. How bad could it be?

So I brought it to the register, they ring it up, and the cashier mumbles what I thought she said was “$ 1.29″…..
so ok I’m sliding my credit card and guess what the machine says they are charging me? “$ 8.58″
Wow. So I point out to the cashier “surely this cant be right” so ok the cashier fixes it and now the machine charges me the correct price, “$ 4.29.” The cashier didn’t speak clearly when I heard “$ 1.29″ and omg 4.29 for that box of muffins?

This is Dave’s, the store that’s famous for low prices.

I could go to heinens, the store that’s famous for high prices, and get a better deal on that same brand of muffins!

So I told the cashier I’m not buying these muffins, put them back. So I left without buying anything.

I came so close to buying something from Dave’s.

1st time stepping foot inside of Dave’s and would you believe it? also my last.

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Answer by firewomen
Always pays to check what you are being charged.

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