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Demoulas Supermarkets

Demoulas Supermarkets run over 60 grocery stores all under the Market Basket banner in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The company is long on family history and in addition to a line of grocery products, they deal with real estate as well. The stores are usually located in shopping centers. The original store was your typical mom-and-pop store, but it has evolved quite nicely today into a competitive modern supermarket.

Originally established by a Greek immigrant, today’s Market Basket stores specialize in gourmet gift baskets, general groceries, prepared foods, seafood, dairy products, low carbohydrate products, and even first aid. The company has come a long way since DeMoulas Super Markets, Inc. was founded in 1917.

The headquarters of the corporate office is located in Tewksbury, MA, where the original Demoulas Supermarkets store was first opened. The story of the company is ripe with the best that the American dream can offer. Immigrant parents pass their hard work on to their offspring, and the company eventually becomes a multi-billion-dollar company.

How all this came about is part and parcel of an interesting set of developments. Demoulas Supermarket began to add Market’s Kitchen to a large number of its stores. Here, you will find submarine sandwiches or rotisserie chicken or Panini, not to speak of various salads and fried foods. If you are into seafood, visit the many dedicated seafood departments featured in many of these stores.

One of the unique things about Demoulas Supermarkets is the fact they truly keep their prices low. Their mentality is a traditionalist one. They keep their overhead and their upkeep down, yet in spite of this, they offer great retirement plans for their employees.

Demoulas Supermarkets have many competitors, but they have managed to stay in their course. Since Market Basket supermarkets are usually, as stated before, in shopping centers where there are other stores and even real estate offices owned by the company. Since they don’t advertise heavily and own the buildings in which their various businesses are located, they can keep on pricing low so their customers end up with the windfall benefits.

Demoulas Supermarkets is also famous for the fact that the people who staff the stores are always well-groomed and courteous. The idea behind this is that when a place has that professional look, it sports a kind of traditional order that is aesthetically pleasing to all the people who come to shop here. Whenever a work environment is congenial to those who ply their trade there, the pleasant atmosphere becomes a source of pleasure that’s passed on to all the customers who come calling on a daily basis. This is surely a win-win proposition.

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