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Formerly Kam Sam Supermarket, it’s now Happy Go Supermarket. If you just do an Internet search for “Go Supermarket,” you end up with news about both the former Kam Sam and the store that has replaced it – or opened in the same store in the same location – which is now called Happy Go Supermarket. This looks like an interesting kind of story in its own right, so let’s see where looking into it might lead.

Kam Sam is an oriental supermarket – or used to be in certain parts of the country where it has been replaced by Happy Go Supermarket. Customers who remember and still talk about Kam Sam Supermarket praise it for its relatively small size. The store sells – or used to – Asiatic food items for people who love to cook in the oriental way – perhaps Chinese, where they like to use an authentic Chinese wok, for example.

Kam Sam Supermarket is now Happy Go Supermarket in Annandale, VA. And some customers are talking about it and making comparisons between it and the old Kam Sam place. It seems that the new place is bigger, though – as some customers claim – not as big as Super H Mart. Still, the consensus is that Happy Go Supermarket is a great place for shop for food items that you usually find in a Chinese marketplace.

One other thing that some customers keep bringing up is the food bar here. Some of them say that the foods don’t look all that appetizing, but that could be due to some sort of culture shock. In this case, this would mean simply that the look and smell of authentic Chinese foods may not have the kind of visual appeal that Americans may be used to. If you are familiar with authentic Chinese food, though, you’d probably find the items displayed in the food bar appetizing enough.

It seems that a Kam Sam Supermarket is still operating in Rockville. As an interesting aside, it appears that Kam Sam is Cantonese for “golden mountain.” In any case, in the Rockville store, which is still the original Kam Sam store, there are some great Chinese foods that you can get at bargain prices.

Barbecued pork buns, for example, are just $1.20 each. Your sesame pie is $4.50 and your meaty pork spare ribs sell for just $6.50 for a while pound. These are excellent prices for the food items in question. Lunches are also at bargain prices here. You can have a meat dish with two vegetables served with rice for just $4.25. If that’s not tempting, I don’t know where you have been hanging out.

So Go Supermarket – whether the old Kam Sam place or the new Happy Go Supermarket – is a great place for authentic Chinese food items, but they also have Thai foods as well – and other special items that you may associate with oriental or Asian cooking.

The name is ultimately not what really matters. That which we call a rose, after all (as Juliet says) would smell the same with any other name. So Go Supermarket is a great place for the kinds of foods that you need if you are going to fire up your own wok and get going with a great Chinese dinner for you and your family some night.

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