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Great Wall Supermarket

The name should be a dead give-away. Yes, the Great Wall of China is behind it. Great Wall Supermarket is a Chinese store owned and operated in the United States by Lihui Zhang, a CEO from Wenshou, China. The supermarket has locations in New York and New Jersey as well as in Massachusetts and Virginian and Georgia.

Great Wall supermarket is, therefore, an authentic Chinese supermarket, which means that when you go to one of their stores, you are going to find what the best Chinese customers may find in any great Chinese store in Beijing itself.

Chinese vegetables that may seem exotic to most American customers, but that authentic Chinese recipes call for are in abundance here like nowhere else outside China. Have you wondered where you may ever find chrysanthemum greens or milk choy or Chinese chives or Chinese broccoli? You need go no further than Great Wall Supermarket for any of these specialty items and then some.

However, the selection of special foods doesn’t end with the veggies. Have you ever tried to find lychees in your regular American supermarket? Few places will have it even canned. Here, you will also find fruits that you may have never even heard of before. Dragon fruit seems like something you may wish to try? Yes, you’ll find that here as well.

One of the interesting features of Great Wall Supermarket is the Prepared Foods section in the back of the store. Here, you will find additional Chinese wonders prepared on the premises, so they are always fresh and ready to eat. Special Chinese breads are available here as well. The food here is always the real thing, the kind of items that you’d normally only find in China itself. So if you are the kind of foodie who is interested in authentic cooking, you’ll find all that you need for it in the Great Wall Supermarket.

Don’t be surprised that when you walk into one of the company’s stores, you’ll be among the natives. One of the best forms of unpaid advertisement is, no need to say, the fact that the people who frequent the stores are the people who know the people who run the stores, because they belong to the same ethnic group. However, it so happens that Chinese cooking is popular with Americans as well, and you can visit all the Chinese restaurants in every state of the union and in every city and even in every small town.

Great Wall Supermarket is, then, going to be your favorite Chinese store, provided you are lucky enough to be near one of these stores located in the states mentioned at the beginning of this article. If you don’t live in one of those states, but you intend to visit soon, please make sure that you go to the Great Wall Supermarket and take a good look around and even buy some of the specialty items that you have heard about but could never find before. While you are at it, do discover things that have never even been dreamt of in your culinary philosophy before. The Great Wall Supermarket is the place where that kind of magic can happen. It’s all, if you will, part of “ancient Chinese secret.”

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