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How do I grocery shop for just me?

Question by YouKnowImRight: How do I grocery shop for just me?
So I recently moved out of the dorms, out of my parents house, and into a place of my own. Its great! The only problem is that when I lived at home, the groceries were there for all 5 of us, and dinner was cooked the same way. At school, I could just go to the cafeteria and get whatever I needed. Now, I have to grocery shop by myself, which isnt a problem, i’ve grocery shopped before, but I have to do it for only one person, myself. Not many stores sell groceries for a just one person, it usually comes in family sizes, etc. If i buy eggs, i buy a dozen and unless I make an effort to eat eggs everyday, they’ll go bad. Same with lettuce, and most other things that are healthy. I was hoping to hear some suggestions from people who live by themselves on how they grocery shop for just themselves. Any tips would be greatly appreciated…
nyasha m – WTF are you taking about? Did you even read the question? I am living by myself, what does stop thinking about myself and think about my family have to do with any of that???

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Answer by nyasha m
you need to stop thinking about urself and start thinking about your family

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