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An American regional chain founded by Robert Ingle in 1963. His grandfather once worked in a grocery store, so the idea runs in the family. What made the original store opened in Asheville, North Carolina, win against competition from such large supermarkets as A & P was an ingenious solution to go into smaller towns and communities that were under-supplied by the big chains.

By 2011, Ingles Supermarket has 201 stores around. They have now expanded from North and South Carolina to Virginia and Tennessee and Alabama and Mississippi. All the Ingles stores have a fabulous selection of the usual grocery items. But in addition to the deli and bakery in the store, you are also going to find a friendly dietician as well as a pharmacy that specializes in the less expensive generic prescriptions.

All Ingles Supermarket pride themselves of offering one-stop shopping convenience to the customers who frequent it. In addition to a wide variety of food products, fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy, grain products, and a wide variety of frozen foods, these supermarkets also offer general merchandise. Of late the company even includes gas to fill up your car while you are at it.

To make sure that as a valued customer you can save a bundle, the company offers an Ingles Advantage Car, or you can simply sign on for Advantage Mail and receive news about special savings on a daily basis. At the pharmacy, you may also receive your seasonal flu shots. This is yet another convenience added to the many others that abound in any Ingles Supermarket.

Each store offers coupons and recipes, and in each you are going to be at an advantage when it comes to food safety as well, as the company prides itself on this, too. The various departments, such as cakes and cookies, allow you to order online. In addition to special cakes, you can also get your wedding cake here, made to order.

Some things are priceless, such as an Ingles gift card. If you have friends or relatives who are hard to get gifts for, an Ingles gift card might just do the trick. Anyone lucky enough to get one of these cards can find lots of things they like, because every Ingles Supermarket is chock-full of the stuff that dreams are made on.

From the green grocer to the pharmacist, everyone working in one of Ingles Supermarket, including all the teenagers who are on duty at the cash registers with their charming southern accents, is there to help you have the best time while doing your grocery shopping. Alternatively, while you are trying to find other bargains at the various general merchandise departments around in most stores.

The idea of providing their services in small towns and communities has made Ingles Supermarket a legend in their own times. The growth in the last half century from 1 to over 200 stores is a testimonial in and of itself. And loyal customers are glad to shop here, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. And neither would you, if you were lucky enough to live near one of these stores.

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