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Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Marsh Supermarkets are found in the state as well as in neighboring Ohio. The first store wasn’t opened in Indianapolis, though, but in Muncie, Indiana, in 1931. Muncie is not far from Indianapolis, just east of it by about half an hour by car on today’s superhighways. Today, there are 78 supermarkets under the Marsh name. So, what’s so special about these stores. Well, here’s a basic list:

The produce department is proud to offer you the best fruits and vegetables. The meat and seafood departments offer a wide variety of the cuts you expect in a great supermarket. Live lobsters are also available in the fish department. Along with the usual great buys in salmon and other fresh fish products.

In addition to great produce and excellent meat and seafood, Marsh also offers a great selection of the best wines local and domestic or foreign. Whether you are a connoisseur or a novice, here you are going to find what you need for your next great dinner party. Advice is also available to make sure that your selection is the right one for you.

The deli at Marsh Supermarkets is something else to write home about. Here, you can get the best things in the meat or cheese areas, and to top it all off, the staff can cut things for you just the way you like them. Needless to say Marsh also has a great variety of precooked meals for those special occasions when you’d rather not slave in the kitchen but still would like a great family dinner or a great party get-together with your friends.

At the bakery, you’ll find crusty breads and rolls – freshly baked on the premises every day. From traditional French baguettes to special loafs of pumpernickel and rye, the aromas alone will tantalize you with the promise of great taste. But here you’ll also find cakes and donuts and muffins and pies and all things sweet for your sweet tooth.

The March pharmacy offers more than the usual prescriptions. They have flu shots as well as special items for soon-to-be mothers, such as pre-natal vitamins. These stores value you and your health, which is the top priority for the pharmacists who staff these outlets for all kinds of health products.

When you walk into a Marsh Supermarket, you should feel right at home. Here, you are going to find lots of coupons to save you money. From the company’s website, you can pick and choose coupons for the items you need and print them and bring them to the store the next time you need to do your shopping.

If you visit the store’s website, one of the things you are going to find there that you won’t find just on any store’s website is their blog. Clicking on the blog will take you to valuable information about the foods that you should eat for their great nutritional value. There are many interesting articles here, such as why fresh pears are great for you, or how to make a hearty stew, or how to make a great pumpkin pie in three different way, or the five ways to make the best biscuits from scratch.

Marsh Supermarkets are grand places to visit and do your shopping in. The wide variety of things available here will feast your eyes and then your stomach. Great advice on what to buy for special occasions can be had from the friendly staff at no extra charge. Marsh is really your home away from home. It’s a great tradition in and near Indianapolis, which has many traditions that the state of Indiana is naturally proud of.

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