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Morrison Supermarket represents the largest of the chains operating in the United Kingdom. The birth of the company, founded by William Morrison (thus that Wm abbreviation) dates back to the final year of the 19th century. The first store was just an egg-and-butter stall in Rawson Market in Bedford, England. At first, most of the stores that opened subsequently were located in the North of England, but since the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, they expanded to now sport between four and five hundred superstores across all the United Kingdom.

One of the unique things about the chain is their so-called Market Street aisle, which is a highly innovative feature. You feel as if you were in some open marketplace where you can find the butcher, the fishmonger along with a delicatessen and cake shop, not to speak of the fresh breads that come right out of hot ovens. The best that money can buy is thus made in-store on a daily basis, using the freshest ingredients that you can dream of.

The so-called Famers Boy subsidy is another innovative part of the company, which is a large food-processing facility that supplies the Morrison Supermarket with the highest quality food stuffs available in the Kingdom. There are now three superstores in London under the auspices of Cooperative Retails Services. The chain celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1999 as the 20th century drew to a close.

When Wal-Mart decided to expand into England, Morrison Supermarket began to see competition of a sort that its various markets have not seen before. Part of a new trend in globalization, Wal-Mart’s presence in the UK threatened the tranquility of a successful chain that has seen competition before, but unlike this newcomer around.

Since that threat of less business, though, Morrison Supermarket came up with another innovation. Following the trend of the French hypermarket idea, they decided to extend the traditional grocery line items into a wide variety of consumer goods.

If you visit their website, you are going to find lots of items offered at half price. This is a special feature that you won’t find in most of your ordinary supermarkets. Not even Wal-Mart has such good offers on a daily basis. Their tendency to come up with innovations, such as Market Street or Famers Boy or the departments modeled after French hypermarkets will continue to keep Morrison Supermarket on the competitive edge of food markets and expanded markets in the United Kingdom.

If you live in the UK or plan to visit it anytime soon, be sure to check out Morrison Supermarket wherever any of the stores can be found wherever you may find yourself. You are going to be pleased with the unique shopping experience that’s going to await you there. You are likely to find the open-market feel of Market Street especially to your liking. And you are going to have a lot of fun, too, when you go there, no doubt about it.

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