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Morrisons – commonly referred to this way – is one of the four largest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom. It’s just behind Tesco and Asda and Sainsbury. The 455 stores that come under this rubric most of them are located in the English Midlands and the North of England. Of late, though, the company has moved towards the south and by the late 90s a store has sprung up in the Greater London area.

These stores are basically superstores, and they sell groceries as a main endeavor, but also household items and electronics and clothing as well as furniture. Though their sales in the non-food areas are not as large as their competitors, they are still doing a brisk business in areas beyond the grocery lines.

There are other areas where Morrisons differ from their major competitors. They do not, for example, have online sales and deliveries from online orders. Their agenda includes an attempt to break into the so-called convenience market with the name M Local for these stores. They have already opened the first of these M Local stores in July 2011. If the store proves to be a success, more of these convenience stores are likely to be opened in the future.

As far as online possibilities are shaping up for the future, Morrisons has decided to take a 10% stake in a New York based online grocery store called Fresh Direct. The idea is to see if the company can launch this project ahead of its London plans for the year 2013.

The way the company has grown by 2004 was to acquire Safeway, a British chain of supermarkets with as many as 479 stores, which were mostly located in Scotland and the South of England. The acquisition in question wasn’t as smooth an operation as should have been, and this resulted in some problems that had to be dealt with.

An interesting thing about the above is that the whole conversion from Safeway to Morrisons was the biggest such operation known in British retail history. The transition, though, was carried out successfully so that in due course the Safeway logo was replaced by that of the Morrisons logo on shopping bags, and Morrisons products began to appear in place of the original Safeway products.

The stores still offer their line of food items, such as the family butcher, the fishmonger, the greengrocer, not to speak of their special bakery and delicatessen and coffee shop. The fact is that Morrisons remains a great place to do your shopping. If you are interested in getting high-quality food items and save money in the bargain, you can’t do better than when you do your shopping at one of the many Morrisons stores around.

In addition to the usual grocery products, Morrisons also offers recipes and ideas for healthy eating. They also have their in-store pharmacy, which has a reputation for great service. All in all, this is a great store all around.

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