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Pioneer Supermarket

When Dieter Dubberke enjoyed a vacation in California in 1978, he and his family found themselves in Mariposa, near their destination in Yosemite Park. What stopped Dieter dead in his tracks – albeit only temporarily – was the offer of a mini-mart for lease in Mariposa. For some reason, he couldn’t resist the offer. The rest is history. Dieter soon acquired a gas station and also saw the need for a larger supermarket, which became a reality in time to come. By 1984, a mere six years after acquiring the original mini-mart, today’s Pioneer Supermarket operates a 30,000 square feet story in Prospector Center.

Pioneer Supermarket is not a supermarket in every sense of the term. It offers a full line of groceries, meats and dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and the usual items that you are likely to find in the best supermarkets in the land. Their selection of beverages is also legendary. The place is still a family-owned business. Dieter’s son Jason and his wife Tracy pretty much run the whole gamut of operations. And everyone who visits the place is glad that they do.

The motto of the store is simple and heartfelt. And you can read it on the top of their website, on the landing or home page. The words tell you what you want to hear: “We invite you to take a closer look at Pioneer Supermarket. You’ll see real commitment to quality, and a commitment to savings, too.” Simple words that give you a chance to make sure that they are true. All you need to do is come to the store and check it out for yourself.

So just what are you bound to find if you come to a Pioneer Supermarket? Well, there’s their bakery, for one. Here, you’ll find lots of fresh-baked items, from cookies to muffins to cakes. And if there are cakes, can ales be far behind (this would occur to you if you ever read a famous novel called “Cakes and Ale”). In any event, their beverage department sports a wide selection of domestic and foreign beers – wider than you will usually find elsewhere. Not to speak of the best of wines, etc.

However, they also have a deli on hand, plus a friendly pharmacy, not to speak of flowers. Try their salad bar and their first-rate sushi. If you can think of it, they’ll have it at your friendly Pioneer Supermarket. If you are interested in wine & spirits, talk to the friendly wine steward, Chuck Schiff, who has had 25 years of experience in this area of specialization. He is going to be more than happy to select the right wine for the meals you are planning, whether just for your family or some special occasion.

Pioneer Supermarket is also famous for its gift department where you are not only going to find greeting cards and stuffed animals, but also seasonal items for when the time comes to do your Christmas or Hanukah shopping. Whatever the occasion, the friendly staff at Pioneer Supermarket is bound to be of service to you, service that’s always courteous and respectful.

It’s amazing how one man’s vision – on vacation with his family to boot – should have resulted in this successful and well-liked supermarket in due course. It just goes to show you that the famed American dream is not dead.  People need to eat, so they need places where they can find what they need and like. And Pioneer Supermarket is one such place, if ever there was one.

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