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Founded in 1930 and based in Lakeland, Florida, Publix is an American chain that’s numbered 86 on Fortune Magazine’s list of the 100 best companies to work for in 2010. And when a place is a delight to come to in order to work there, you can just imagine what a delight it must be for doing your shopping there. In any case, Publix is a chain that’s up there in good company, such as Kroger or Whole Foods or even the giant Wal-Mart.

So what are going to find at a Publix Supermarket? The place is well-known for its GreenWise Market. What this means is a lot. Today going green is no longer a luxury for the elite. It is what our earth demands if we are going to keep it around in good shape for generations to come. At Publix, GreenWise means, among other things, that whatever is labeled organic here is 100% USDA certified to be what the label claims. From eggs to recycled paper towels and all kinds of fruits and vegetables and other grocery items. Going green is the way to go now, and Publix has already gone green with flying colors.

Once you are past the basics – your fruit and vegetables, your meat and dairy, you baked goods, etc., how about moving on to your Publix Wine Guide or your Publix Baby Club? Wine at Publix means many things. For one thing, you have your Monthly Featured Wines – always a place for great bargains. But you’ll also find here Wine 101. And if you are, say, a young couple and still a novice as to what wine to select for those special occasions, here is where you can learn all you need to know about how to read a wine label or how to store and serve the wine you buy.

The Publix Baby Club is obviously also for young couple whose family is likewise young. This store understands your baby’s needs during the crucial first two years of life, so the store abounds in items and advice for you that you can rely on with 100% confidence. You can even get valuable coupons here for the products that you have learned to trust because of their first-rate reputation. And with these coupons, you end up saving money, no small feat for a young family.

Publix Pharmacy for those times when you need medications to get you back to your optimal health is here to serve you as well. There is nothing better than to know that you can trust your prescriptions to the friendly pharmacists on duty here every time you need a prescription filled. But there you can get a lot more for your money. How about flu shots and other types of immunizations? Or even free medicines now and then? These include select antibiotics or meds for people who suffer from diabetes. All you need is your bona fide prescription, and Publix Pharmacy is going to do the rest.

Publix Supermarkets have come a long way since that great year of 1930 when the first store opened up in Florida. Today, one of these stores is a veritable gold mine for the best in groceries and in green items. You will be happy you live within an easy drive of one of these stores. And that’s not something to sneeze at.

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