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George Ralphs founded the grocery store in Los Angeles in 1873. The store grew and opened in new locations and introduced many innovations. But the biggest event in its life may have been the fact that in 1998, the parent company joined up with Kroger, one of the best-known names in supermarkets in the United States of America. Today Ralphs Supermarket offers many things beyond groceries.

One of the specialties offered by Ralphs Supermarkets is the “Deal of the Day.” The company’s website allows you to save as much as $2 per item in the coupons’ area. You can print and use these coupons, though you need to pay attention to the dates, because they expire. But not to worry, you can always find new deals every day, so your savings can mount up quickly and impressively.

In the Fresh Foods area, you are going to find great deals on fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, and deli and bakery deals. In each of these departments, you are going to find all that you may wish to put on the table for your family to share. One great thing about a Ralphs Supermarket is that the company is devoted to the idea of healthy living.

The website offers a Fitness & Nutrition page where you can find such valuable information as how live gluten-free or what vitamins take for stress or how to use the interactive tool that gives you a calorie burn rate calculator. With this calculator, you can figure out how many calories you are burning up while undertaking certain activities. A valuable tool if you are interested not just in losing weight, but in keeping off the weight you may already have lost.

Ralphs Supermarkets also have a Pharmacy. Here, you cannot only have your prescriptions filled even while you do your shopping, but get your seasonal flu shots as well as many other services, including sound advice on possible drug interactions and the like.

One great advantage that comes to you when you shop at a Ralphs Supermarket is that the store is now associated with certain Shell stations where you can get discounts on gasoline. The way the program works is simple: when you shop at Ralphs, you get reward points. For every 100 such points, you can get 10 cents off for every gallon of gas you buy at a participating Shell station. The fact is that it’s easy to get 100 points in rewards, so those points can quickly add up, and you can also then save quite a bit on a fill-up at a Shell station. An extra bonus for doing your shopping at Ralphs.

If you are a pet owner – rather, if you have a family member that’s either a dog or a cat (for people who own pets do regard them as members of the family), you are going to be happy to do your shopping at a Ralphs Supermarket. Here, you don’t just find a wide variety of pet foods, you can also enter your pet story for donations by Purina to your favorite pet charity. You can get the details on the company’s website. For this as well as for lots of other reasons, you will be glad to make Ralphs your family’s supermarket.

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