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Rouses Supermarket

Rouses Supermarket

“Easy does it” is not the motto of Rouses Supermarket, but it could be. The store was originally founded as City Produce Company in Thibodaux, Louisiana, by J.P. Rouse in 1923. The produce from local farmers was then also shipped to places far and wide.

By now, though, we are in the second decade of the 21st century. So it should come as no surprise that Rouses Supermarket is now operating is both Louisiana and Mississippi. Tommy and Donald Rouse run the family-business today. And the company is now the largest retailer in the great State of Louisiana. In 1995, their store became the largest supermarket in Metairie. And by early in 2009 a new supermarket was built in Youngsville, Louisiana, near the Lafayette area. These expansions, though, only touch the surface of what Rouses Supermarket is all about.

These stores are stores with a kind of social attitude that should become contagious throughout the United States. The people who work here feel like they are family, and so do the people who shop in these stores. Today, the slow progress toward modernity is making itself felt in many ways. You’ll find Rouses Supermarket on Facebook and Twitter. What could be more contemporary than that?

Still, the progress into the contemporary world of online ordering is a slow thing here. The company wants to make sure that it’s done the right way. And, as everyone knows, haste makes waste. It is hoped, though, that the online shopping of the future will soon be here today. Once the store is properly mapped, online shoppers are going to be able to do their everyday shopping by a few clicks of the mouse.

On their website, there is now an Eat Well, Be Well page. That’s because Rouses is now teamed up with Ochsner Health System to provide you and your family with the most nutritious cooking available anywhere. “Here,” the web page tells you, “you will find valuable information you need to lead a better quality of life.” If you are what you eat, according to an old adage, Rouses Supermarket is making sure that you should be the best you could be.

Last but not least, it should surprise nobody that Cajun specialties are also to be found in Rouses Supermarket. There is a lot of cooking going on here, too. And people from Southern Louisiana, or visitors thereto, can be treated to the best that’s available anywhere in the region. Do you want to see the butchers in-store making small batches of Cajun specialties right in front of your eyes for good eating right there on the spot? And how about the people who work here going out into the neighborhood surroundings their stores and making friends with people all around? Good food makes good neighbors perhaps more than even the proverbial good fences.

Needless to say, Rouses Supermarket offer the best and most nutritious foods you can buy anywhere on the face of the earth. Good food and friendly people will never be out of style.

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