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There is a sense according to which the entire United States might be thought of a one gigantic supermarket. But that’s not the subject matter of this article. Here, we are going to talk about the ways and means of supermarkets in the United States – that is, the “tricks” that they have up their sleeves to make you buy as much as you can.

Okay, these are not really magic tricks that we are talking about here, nor are we simply talking about tricky business – though to a point that might be what things will strike you as. We are talking about things (subtle things) that may enhance your experience while you are shopping at your favorite supermarket.

A recent article on an architectural website by Jennifer Lash, called “Supermarkets, United States,” talks about the fact that lots of supermarkets use what is called “daylighting.” This is a “tick,” if you will, whereby a supermarket uses lighting in the store that is an exact replica of daylight. It’s a psychological thing. When people are in a place that’s lit up this way, they feel better without consciously realizing that they are feeling better. Alternatively, they know that they feel pretty good, but they may not put their finger on the reason. And the supermarket that using daylighting knows that when you feel really good, you are much more likely to spend more money, too.

Now if you are trying to do the opposite – that is, spend less rather than more money – you have your work cut out for you. Feeling good in the store is one thing, but it should not lead you to buy things that you don’t really need – or buy more of the things that you need. So there are quite a few things you can do in this battle between the merchant’s desire to sell you things and your own desire to resist those attempts.

Using coupons is one way to save money. So it taking advantage of special promotions. So is buying the store’s own brands rather than the national brands. If you read the labels, you’ll discover that in lots of cases, the store’s brand is identical with the national brand in terms of its ingredients.

Other ways of saving involve buying in bulk. But here, too, you need to pay attention. Caveat emptor is a good principle to keep in mind. There are times when the bulk doesn’t pay off, when the quantity added up costs more than if you bought the same item in lesser quantities but more often. So, it should always be your best strategy to really pay attention to what you are doing when you are shopping in a supermarket in the United States. Though the same truths probably apply to shopping in other countries as well.

The idea here is keeping a good balance between what the supermarket wants and what you want. A good customer – one who is satisfied with the money they can save – is in the best interest of the supermarket as well. That way, they make most of their profits by volume rather than by selling your fewer items for higher prices.

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